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Infidel: Legends of the Men of Iron Book 1


Well researched and superbly written, with a delivery rivaling that of Howard Pyle himself, Kent Hesselbein’s Infidel, the premier episode in his powerful series of sequels to the classic Men of Iron moves with lightening speed and compels the reader to feel that he or she is ever-present with the Templar Knights as they seek to uphold their sacred vows, and cleanse the Order. Then, suddenly, they must meet the challenges of the newly founded Order of the Black Cross within the original Order after the death of Grand Master, Thibaud Gaudin, and the confirmation of the bold new leader, Sir Knight Jacques deMolay.
Having withdrawn their allegiance to the Church, and working under a pact with King Edward of England, they unite with the Sons of Hiram, form vast new Priories, amass a fortune, and gain control of the Isle of Cyprus as their home base. Given their new-found status, they become entwined in a power struggle between King Edward, King Philippe of France, King James of Aragon and ultimately, Rome and the Holy See.

Though King Philippe joins King Edward in the knighting of some worthy men, it appears more and more that he is joining His Holiness, Pope Benedetto Gaetano, and turning against the Order. By 1300 the next generation of the Noble Order of the Black Cross had been produced.
Follow the intimate blow-by-blow details in the lives of the Reaper, Sir Lucian Poltaré, Sir Theodore, his chosen successor, and other key players of these most mystical knights in history. They are determined to never be controlled by powerful men again. More and more, the forces with whom they do battle are those loyal to the Church. On 10 September 1303, the Inner circle meets in a tiny chapel in France with Sir Asher Grayson to begin their most daunting task ever. Members of their number have been imprisoned by Philippe for heresy against the church. Now Sir Theodore must enter the forbidden realm. How will this shocking mission play out?

Filled with riveting suspense, and capped off with three-dimensional illustrations, this exciting novel leads up to a bone-chilling cliff-hanger in preparation for book two, Bound by Blood.
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