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A Travel in Time to Grand Pre, 2nd Edition


AUGUST 3, 2010

Madeline Sinclair was drawn to Grand Pré Historical Park on Acadian Day, August 15, 2005, one day shy of her twenty-sixth birthday. In a search for her Acadian roots, she was eagerly looking forward to joining in the festivities. At the end of the day, however, she finds herself with a complete stranger in Grand Pré, the year being 1754. Shocked and unsure, she is relieved to learn that Madame Pêche is not only a kindly, loving woman, but a time traveler as well.

Madeline will learn much from Madame and her young friend, Michel. Many of the questions that Madeleine has about the Knights Templar, in the 21st century, are answered here in this Grand Pré of old. What she learns is not only shocking, but very enlightening.

Michele Doucette has spun a fascinating tale of the eighteenth century Acadians, interwoven with spiritual beliefs and customs still practiced today. Not only will readers be entertained, but they will also be educated as they travel with Madeline on this most interesting journey of self discovery.

This is the author’s first novel, and although it appears amateurish at times, her characters are realistic and her descriptions of historical places are vivid and in depth. She can only grow as an author and this reviewer hopes to see more in the near future. I was very impressed with the Message for the 21st Century chapter at the end of the book. A wonderful conclusion to a thought provoking novel.

--- Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review at
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