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A Travel in Time to Grand Pre, 2nd Edition


Michele Doucette has weaved an amazing tale. Perhaps you have read or heard of similar stories where two individuals meet from different times and fall in love. It is indeed somewhat of a simple love story...except...

You will also learn about the tragedy of the Acadian people when they refused to change their allegiance... and of so much more! I think one of the key issues of the book is that there is so much historical documentation provided in support of the story. Is it an alternative historical tale, perhaps fantasy based upon history, or the work of a research historian who has merged all of her research to arrive at a potential "new truth"?

Now matter your final conclusion, A Travel in Time to Grande Pré by Michele Doucette is unlike anything I’ve ever read. And, in that, she has forced me to remember and to dwell upon her words often. Very unique; I've said before...I like unique...I hope my review helps you decide to read the book and decide for yourself!

--- Independent Professional Book Reviewer G. A. Bixler
Date Added: 12/30/2011 by Kent Hesselbein
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