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The Darkness of the Sun


The Darkness of the Sun, written by Rhonda St.Clair with Stan St.Clair, is a heartwarming and tragic story about how the Christian faith of a grandmother runs through generations. The main character, Bella Fontaine, whose life experiences might have caused others to give up any hope and faith, was blessed by the influence of her Christian grandmother. Bella’s continued prayers, hope, faith, and love lead her on an unexpected life journey, which influences new generations in finding TRUE happiness.
Since a great deal of the story takes place in McMinnville, TN, and I have a personal relationship with these Christian writers, the impact of the book on my life is even greater. It has already helped me make a Christian decision that was pressing on my heart. I think it can do the same for you!
Kay Brownyard
Date Added: 12/30/2011 by Kent Hesselbein
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