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The Enigmatic Sinclairs: Volume 1


By Captain Sinclair of England on December 23, 2015
It was billed as the "definitive" book on the Sinclair family. Well, I'd go on to say this: it is the "most essential" book - one should own - on the mediaeval Sinclairs of Scotland; and now sits comfortably as part of the 'canon' of Sinclair literature, along with Thomas Sinclair's "gloriously difficult" 'The Sinclairs of England' (1887) and Roland William Saint Clair's much lauded 'The Saint Clairs of the Isles: being a History of the Sea-Kings of Orkney and their Scottish Successors of the Surname of Sinclair' (1898).
For the experienced Sinclair researcher many of the discoveries won't be that surprising. However, its real gift is that these strands have been strengthened and consolidated within a single volume. I was also pleased to see the Rosceline question addressed. I have a personal interest in the Roscelines of England and have been researching them for some time now.
What I like most is that on "uncertain" issues the book gives you all the information and options. It's proper, grown up historical authorship.
For me, that's as good as it gets...
Date Added: 12/27/2015 by Kent Hesselbein
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