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The Enigmatic Sinclairs: Volume 1


By Norse/Scot on November 4, 2015
This is a book particularly suited to "hardcore Sinclair history" readers. To fully appreciate it's merits it helps to have read a good bit of the other Sinclair histories that have been written over the years as far back as the Father Hay material written in what I refer to as "the Sinclair glory years". Those of us of a sceptical bent will have seen quite a few passages where your eye brows automatically go up as you read the words and there is little or no way to verify what you are being told.
Gerry and Rondo's book is different. The backup info is quoted and identified and if you wish to check it out for yourself you can do so. Much has been gained by consistently sourcing charters for land grants and reviewing the list of witnesses to the grant. Who was there, what was their position and where were they in the pecking order of the times. It was info like this that enabled the writers to come up with where the Sinclair's of Rosslyn came from before they got the grant of land at Rosslyn. The William the Seemly story? Gone. No confirming data found to date to back it up.
How did Henry Sinclair finagle getting the appointment as Earl of Orkney? He knew what he had to do and did it successfully and it's laid out for you to think about. The politics of 1379 were not a lot different from the politics of today.
Is it an easy read? Not particularly as there is a lot of detail to go through that requires your attention. But if you are a Sinclair that is interested in what really happened in "The glory years" you will enjoy learning from this book and keeping it as a reference book of substantial merit.
Date Added: 12/27/2015 by Kent Hesselbein
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