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The Enigmatic Sinclairs: Volume 1


By Stephen St Clair on December 3, 2015
My title is not in any way an overstatement. Rondo B B Me and Gerald Sinclair have created a milestone in the history of the Saint-Clair family, and have provided a roadmap for researchers of other families with ties to medieval England and Scotland. Their message is clear, get your heads out of the myths and legends and return to the facts. Then dig deep into the records to understand the context of the events that colored the world of those individuals back in time struggling to deal with their wider circumstances. Out of that will come a rare historical document that provides truth for future generations. And that is precisely what we in the Saint-Clair family now have.

Father Richard Augustine Hay (1661 - 1736) had access to many papers of the Sinclair family of Roslin in the late 1680’s and recorded copious notes from them. As the source documents were later destroyed by fire, this was a bit of luck. Since then, only two other researchers added any further significant documents research to the subject - Thomas Sinclair and Rowland William Saint-Clair. Each of these last two researchers were writing at a time when such undertakings were clouded by sentiment and legend, making us modern researchers skeptical of some of their claims.

Now our family benefits from Rondo and Gerry’s very unique approach. They focused on original source documents, of which there are more than you might think, and dutifully recorded the facts. They also used highly credible secondary sources like G.W.S. Barrow, Professor of Medieval History King’s College, University of Durham. This gives you a sense of how critical they were of their sources
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