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The King of Hearts


The King of Hearts is the first novel of a very talented story-teller, Frank Tibbetts, who, along the path of life’s experiences, found a great love for both music and people.
This gripping story introduces to the reader Tim Cunningham—a shy, young singer from Lubbock, Texas, with exceptional abilities. Early on he meets and falls deeply in love with the captivating, Canadian- born, Jamie.
The two are soon married and find great happiness in their relationship, and that of a playful Dachshund which they acquire and name after Buddy Holly, the local legend which inspired Tim’s success. But after Tim’s rapid rise in the local music scene, a fork in the road presents a challenge, and Jamie discovers the dark past which has long haunted her husband. Through this, she unlocks the secret to his unique ability to see the human heart in its true form.
Their journey takes Tim and Jamie through both side-splitting laughter and heart-breaking sadness in this powerful true-to-life novel. It is sure to touch your heart and enable you to see life in a new light.
Date Added: 01/20/2012 by Stanley St. Clair
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