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The King of Hearts


A new voice has entered the romance realm…and it’s a VERY GOOD voice. A startlingly lovely novel has come across my path, that steps away from the ‘norm.’ In fact, this is a debut author who has found a way to blend music, with romance, with emotions that are so in-depth and powerful, that when the reader comes to the final page of the book, all they will want to do is go back to the beginning and start all over again. Why? Because the characters feel like home; they speak to the soul!

Our plot winds around Tim Cunningham. Tim is a kind, hard-working man who feels the loneliness of life, and spends a great deal of time thinking about a dream. Living in Lubbock and working at the Reese Air Force Base is Tim’s daily existence, but when he picks up that guitar, life becomes far different for Tim. When standing behind the microphone, Tim thinks of nothing but the amazing lyrics and melodies that the stage allows him to offer to the world. He loses himself in the music, and at times he wonders what the mystical legends of the music world would think of his performance. His focus is never really on the audience, Tim is in his very own realm, and his voice is so sultry and so amazing that the onlookers can barely speak when he completes his performance.

One evening, as Tim is enveloped in his world, a young woman by the name of Jamie is sitting in the audience and is completely swept away by the beauty and power that comes form the depths of this stranger. And in a very short time, Tim not only receives her applause, but steals her heart in the process. Suffice to say, Jamie falls in love with Tim from the very first note.

Jamie is a strong woman. She has a past that was full of comfort and love, but as she slowly hears the stories of Tim’s past, the courage and determination she owns rises to the surface. Jamie’s strong personality is threefold: She wants to stand in front of Tim and protect him from the past, stand behind him to support him in his dream, and stand beside him, as they stick together and walk through life as an unbeatable team.

But Jamie’s not the only one who gives her all to Tim’s career. Another (adorable) supporter is Buddy - the fantastic little dog that Tim comes across on a visit to a pet store. Buddy ‘jingles,’ speaks German, and spreads laughter and friendship through Tim’s life.

Suddenly, a ‘break’ happens in Tim’s world that allows him to join a band that everyone loves. A man by the name of Rusty becomes Tim’s ‘father and mentor’ as they begin to perform at venues and start collecting the rave reviews that are quickly turning Tim into the next music ‘star.’ But when Tim’s dream is about to come to fruition, reality steps in which brings about a choice - a choice that Tim must make between love and living life under the spotlight.

Readers, this is a truly beautiful love story, because the author has found a way to deliver the ultimate mixture of family and dreams. All readers will find themselves routing for Tim and Jamie, and hoping with all their hearts that love will win out in the end. Advice? Go buy this one right now!
Date Added: 01/14/2012 by Amy Lignor
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