Predictions of the Prophets


Predictions of the Prophets:

In many religions, not just Christianity and Judaism, “the end of the world,” or more properly, the end of the age is foretold in their sacred writings. These religions include the Mayans, who predicted earthquakes and natural disasters before the end, at which time their supreme god, Kulkulcam, the equivalent of the Aztec Quetzalcoti, will appear, bringing harmony on earth. The Souix also believe that floods and earthquakes are a sign of the end, and that about 1995 a white buffalo was born which could be the “White Buffalo Calf Woman” of their prophecy who will purify the world, bringing harmony and spiritual peace. The ancient Zoroastrian religion believed in final judgment of all souls, and had, by 500 B.C., developed the concept of divine destruction of the world by fire, a belief also found in Christianity. Eschatological beliefs are also found in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and even Norse mythology and Neopaganistic sects.

At the close of Jesus’ ministry, as he faced death, he gave his disciples a blow-by-blow prophetic dialogue of events he said would happen at the end of this age, foretelling his second advent to earth. This is found in Matthew twenty-four.
Throughout the ages numerous attempts by Bible scholars have been made to predict when that would happen. All have failed. As the close of the twentieth century approached, anticipation was high among fundamentalist Christians who said that the second coming could happen anytime. Even psychics were predicting that a new world leader would arise and bring peace on earth. Why were these all wrong? If the signs were all around us that Jesus was to return around the year 2000, as these people predicted, why didn’t it happen? What were they missing?

Stanley J. St. Clair has degrees in Religious Education and Sacred Literature, and is the author Prayers of Prophets, Knights and Kings (Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2006), Mysterious People of the Bible in the Light of History (St. Clair Publications, 2008) and the best-selling Most Comprehensive Origins of Clichés, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions (St. Clair Publications, 2013), which has garnered much praise from college professors, teachers, authors, reporters, and editors, has been referenced for in doctorate thesis at Vanderbilt University, used to teach English as a second language, and is in college libraries across America. He is also a former Eastern Vice President of Clan Sinclair, U.S.A., the co-founder of St. Clair Research and its worldwide DNA project, and the owner of St. Clair Publications. By his close relationship with high ranking members of societies, politicians, researchers and best-selling authors, he is uniquely qualified to deliver this shocking study to the world. The original manuscript was written in 2007, at which time he felt it too controversial to publish. After recent review by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline De Berry, a pastor, former editor of a major Christian publication, and avid student of eschatology, he feels that the time has come to bring it up to date and release it. Prepare to be shocked.

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