The Book of Enoch - Exhaustive Study Version


Spencer St. Clair
Over the past few decades interest has piqued in the Apocalyptic Bock of Enoch, particularly in regard to the writings on fallen angels and giants in the ancient world. Genesis 5:24 states that “Enoch walked with God…” Even that God took him. In the Church Age this has been taken to mean that he lived a godly life. Some, however, feel that it also meant that he was the recipient of superhuman knowledge.The earliest existing manuscripts of The Book of Enoch, aka I Enoch, contain fragments dating to the second and first centuries B.C., but it is asserted that the author was actually Enoch himself, before the biblical flood. The New Testament writers were all familiar with this book. It is quoted as a genuine production of Enoch by St. Jude (14-15), and as scripture by St. Barnabas. There is also evidence that it had influence on the Dead Sea Scrolls. With the Early Church Fathers it carried all the weight of a canonical book. Later, however, it began to be discredited, and was banned by some groups. Though it was never an actual part of Jewish canon, it may shed light on Jewish thinking on the scriptures. In 1851, German biblical scholar, August Dillmann first published the Book of Enoch in Ethiopian, followed by German in 1853. It is a part of the Beta Israel Ethiopian Jewish canon, and is considered canonic by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. It is wholly extant only in the Geez language, an ancient South Semitic tongue. Modern scholars argue that it was first written in either Aramaic or Hebrew.This version was translated from Professor Dillmann’s Ethiopic text by R.H. Charles, M.A. in 1893 and published by Oxford at the Clarendon Press. It is emended and revised in accordance the Ethiopian manuscripts and with the Gizeh and other Greek and Latin fragments, which are published here in full. It is edited with introduction, notes, appendices and indexes as is the original publication, making it an excellent source from which to study this intriguing book

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