Science Restored


When perception contradicts accepted theory, the scientific method, the fundamental doctrine of modern science, demands that scientists investigate and modify those theories to be consistent with all observed phenomena. Science Restored begins with relatively common human perceptions, shows with well-documented historical research why those perceptions are ignored by scientists, and proposes methods to begin investigations to correct the modern science theories. Most humans experience thoughts and perceptions that do not have a known physical basis. Modern science tells us to ignore such things, claiming they are delusions, imagination, insanity, "shit happens," etc. Most less-educated people believe in things that are not physical. Who is correct? Based on historical research, Science Restored shows that the founders of modern science were forced by the Inquisition to ignore such phenomena, and even to make public statements that the phenomena were not real. Today, most scientists believe what they were told by their predecessors. Those who question the text books are not allowed to investigate: they know they would lose their funding, their research support, the respect of their peers, and the right to publish their results in mainstream professional journals. In short, a modern day scientist who attempts to investigate the topics prohibited by the church would be tortured and killed . . . professionally. This state of continued restrictions can only be overcome by making the knowledge contained in Science Restored more commonly know. Science Restored provides research directions, including relatively simple experimental designs, that would lead to unending advancements of science.

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