Black Fog


Book Synopsis:

Sam O’Brian, a pudgy, aging world-renowned newsman, now Editor-in-chief for The Albany Daily Tribune, sat in his office reflecting. About 1943 he had been introduced to the tall, enchanting Deirdre MacDarroch, a young red-headed reporter from near Asheville, North Carolina, by her good friend, Marie Dotson, a famous private-eye.

Deirdre was now was in his employ, and was a great asset to the paper. One rainy day, she came barging into his office door in a skin-tight leather jump-suit, soaked to the skin. Deirdre’s large, gold-speckled, green eyes looked panic-stricken. When she nervously demanded a leave of absence, Sam knew something was amiss. She had uncovered a shocking crime involving the powerful Campbell brothers, one being the head of the mob in the UK. She had pictures-proof of their actions, and they were closing in on her rapidly. Marie Dotson had worked on the story with her, and was also in danger.

After Sam agrees to help, Deirdre, who has a black wig, and a disguise, is on her way. But little did she know that Marie was also changing her appearance to that of a redhead, and she was at Deirdre’s apartment with a gun, laying in wait for the Campbells. The Campbells made a hit and thought that Deirdre was dead.

Returning by car to North Carolina, Deirdre meets with her two sisters and her friends there, who know the truth about her past and what she must now do. The problems between the MacDarrochs and the Campbells had not begun in the twentieth century. They had been going on since the late seventeenth century-the time when Deirdre and her sisters had left Scotland in a black fog which transported them to the future. Now they must return, and right the wrongs of the past.

Travel with Deirdre and her sisters, Kimberly and Monica MacDarroch as they return to the Isle of Jura, to the age of the feudal clans, and their noble roots. Thrill with Deirdre as she rediscovers the sizzling romance with Laird Edward Thomas MacDonald and the titled life for which she was destined. Live with her and Sir Tommy their chilling clashes with King William of Orange and glory with them in their victories.

508 pages

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