Shakar: Blind Ambition


Book Synopsis:

SHAKAR: Blind Ambition is an adult fantasy told in the third person. It is Ayesha who has her sights set on wedlock with Schezan, heir to the High Obajan, who is overall ruler of the Shakar race. Their attraction is mutual, Schezan believes her the ideal consort for one in his position. Varoi is a warrior in search of his soulmate, with an outstanding score to settle with Schezan.

Varoi is in pursuit of marauders when Ayesha makes contact, her timing is a potentially perilous distraction. Later, Varoi and his cohort are celebrating a victory when they learn that a large and hostile force is in the vicinity. Hastening to the aid of a nearby town they discover its garrison commander absent and its inhabitants unaware that danger exists. During the evacuation of a nearby settlement, Varoi meets Ayesha and promptly declares his interest. She, however, is unimpressed.

Throughout the ensuing siege, Varoi takes advantage of his rivalís absence, pursuing Ayesha with ardent enthusiasm. By the time the enemy is routed, and Schezan returns, Ayeshaís seduction is all but accomplished. Old enmities come to light when Varoi confronts Schezan concerning his failure to return until the battle is at an end. Keen to avert hostility, Varoiís commanding officer dispatches him to the city for advance training, leaving Ayesha and Schezan free to become reacquainted.

Torn by divided loyalties and her inability to choose between them, Ayesha avoids contact with both males. When Schezan succeeds in catching up with Ayesha and discovers how close she and his rival have become, his response reveals a spiteful side of his character previously unseen. When Schezanís interest becomes oppressive Ayesha requests a release from their pledge to become mates. Having been denied this opportunity to escape Schezanís attention, she flees the settlement seeking refuge with Varoiís father, Maderan. While there she encounters Varoiís friend, Borit, who relates his version of what occurred the night Varoiís sister, Bayritz, died. During their subsequent discussion the pair become convinced Varoi is in mortal danger from Schezan, prompting an urgent visit to the city in order to warn Varoi.

Ayeshaís father, having refused to either reveal his daughterís whereabouts or fall in with Schezanís plan, forcing Ayesha to complete her pledge, prompts a change of tactics by Schezan. Soon after this he departs for the city, intent on eliminating his rival, permanently.

Schezanís arrival coincides with that of Ayesha and Borit. Schezanís fatal wounding of Borit provides him with the perfect opportunity to lure the Weapons Master away from his pupils, including Varoi. Caught unawares, while engaged in a bout of blindfold weapons training, Varoi finds himself at a disadvantage. Only the Weapons Masterís return and intervention brings their lethal contest to a halt. Having learnt of Boritís wounding Varoi attempts a cross species-healing, something that has never been tried before. He succeeds, but at the risk of his life.

Varoi later regains consciousness, returning to the practice arena to find Schezan gone and a worried Ayesha waiting to learn his fate.

This tale is set in an area much like that in which Chris lives. The Shakar tribe is one of many races in the area, and consider themselves peace-loving and above the various tribes of men.

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