Promotion Opportunities

No book will "sell itself," so it is highly recommended that you find as many ways as possible to promote your book, or if at all possible, hire a reputable publicist. Below are some low-cost ways to do limited promotions.


Sales of conventional books have gradually declined over the past few years due to the advent and lower cost of e-books. One of the most popular e-book formats, one which offers great marketing potential, is the Amazon Kindle format. Seeing this as a large part of tomorrow's readership, St. Clair Publications now offers its authors conversion of their original PDF file to Kindle e-book format, and setup on Amazon worldwide.

Cost for this invaluable service and promotional opportunity is minimal: only $25.00 USD per title.

Rewards can be great due to larger volume sales from lower per-unit price. The per unit price, which will be set by St. Clair Publications based on book size, will run between $2.99 and $9.99 US and between £1.49 and £6.99 UK. Other currencies will be adjusted accordingly. Royalties will be 65% of all monies received by St. Clair Publications from Amazon, which varies based on country and cost of delivery∗. A statement will be provided each month when payment received during the prior month is paid to the author.

As with all royalties, authors outside the US will be required to have a PayPal account to receive funds. Within the US, this will also apply except by special agreement of the publisher and the author.

Note: conversion of original PDF accomplished by submission directly to Amazon. Some unusual fonts on title page may appear differently, and some images may not appear as on original. Proportions of these images may also vary. Best results are obtained by files which are Book Antigua, or similar font styles, and which contain no pictures, markings, clip art or additional images in the book interior. St. Clair Publications is not responsible for any alterations to fonts or images caused as a result of conversion.

As with all new entries, it takes a few days for this listing to appear on the site.

∗In the US and the UK, the royalty paid to publisher is 70% minus delivery cost. In other countries, this is based on 35% royalty.


Utilized by Michele Doucette, this method brought an immediate increase in online sales through Amazon.

We highly recommend that you go directly to their site and participate in their review program. St. Clair Publications receives no compensation from this review, or from Allbooks. Below are excerpts from the site:

Allbooks Review International works with authors from all over the globe. Our promotional package is one of the most reasonable on the web. Join us and promote your book.

The complete Allbooks Review Promo Package is only $49.95. For submission guidelines and complete details go to FAQ page.

We offer editing, synopsis, reviews, interviews, bookstore, advertising and much more.

Our reviewers are professionals, many are authors themselves. Our editor is one of the best in the industry. Allbooks Review works with dozens of publishers providing reviews and promotion as well as pre pub editing.

Get Reviews

You can get your book reviewed free at the following web site. TCM Reviews posts the review on their site and has full rights to it for 30 days. After that, they can post it on Amazon for a fee, if desired. If multiple books are reviewed. bulk rates apply. See site for details. St. Clair Publications does not send your book for review for you. This is up to you as the author, so please take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your book free. Name and address to send the book are also below.

TCM Reviews

You can reach Tami by email at

Tami Brady
220 Huntstrom Bay
Calgary, Alberta
T2K 5W6


Call your local libraries to arrange to take part in author book signings, often held annually. You may want to donate free copies to these libraries as an advertising promotion. Some libraries will do articles in the local paper and/or online about donations and signings.


Do a facebook ad promotion featuring your book. See the heading on the right side of your facebook Homepage for details.

BOOKSTORES and other retail outlets

Talk to book stores about handling your book, either by ordering from Ingram Books when applicable, or placing copies in the bookstores on consignment. Bookstores generally will do this for a 40/60% split. Bookstores are also an excellent place to set up book signings.

Many times other stores in your area such as boutiques, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc., will also accept and promote local authors' books on consignment.


By making calls to bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, and in some cases, civic clubs and churches, an author can set up a book signing tour. When such signings are scheduled, St. Clair Publications will list the information in chart form on the author's page at no charge. This way they can inform potential customers that they may check the site for this info at any time.


Some of our authors have contacted radio and television stations in their area, and been interviewed about the release of their books. This is an excellent source of promotion.


There are services available who will create a press release and send it to major newspapers and reviewers to notify them of your book's impending release. By working with St. Clair Publications, a release date can be pre-set so that the date may appear in the release.

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