Robijo lives in beautiful Manchester, located in southern middle Tennessee, with her family. She is truly an animal lover having a family of seven pets, which she has fondly named the Peabodys. Robijo is a classic graphic artist, (who oddly enough has a degree in accounting, and a Masters Degree in Esoteric Education) working more than 28 years in the printing and commercial arts industry. Not willing to retire, she returned to school and afterward reopened her motherís beauty salon continuing a forty-year legacy.

She is a wonderful storyteller, and at the urging of friends, decided to begin writing childrenís books. Her favorite subject is the Peabodys.

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The Peabody's: Icky's Big Adventure

The Peabody's: Icky's Big Adventure

Book Synopsis: The Peabodys are a diverse family, living with their humans. There is the Mother (Willow, a dachshund mix), the Dad, Chico (a...

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