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St.Clair Publications was founded with the desire to help lesser known authors. Stan's international associations and prominence in many literary and research organizations has allowed St.Clair Publications to offer a great opportunity to many yet undiscovered talents. St.Clair Publications is associated and distributed through Ingram Books, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor Books, Amazon and many others.

Stanley J. "Stan" St.Clair
Stan has a degree in Religious Education from Covington College and Theological Seminary, and his work has been published around the world. He is the author of six published books, and the owner of St.Clair Publications. He was featured in the 2007-2008 Cambridge Who's Who Honors Edition and the International Who's Who in Poetry in 2004. He has traveled extensively around the globe, and has met a number of dignitaries and counts well-known authors among his friends. St.Clair Publications first book was printed in 1999 as a limited edition. In 2006, Stan utilized a joint effort with a Canadian publisher with offices in both Victoria, BC and London, to release his first major book, Prayers of Prophets, Knights and Kings, and launched the first St.Clair Publications web-site. This title was picked up by on-line book sellers in the US, Canada, the UK, France, and Germany. In 2008, Stan began obtaining ISBNs and formed a working relationship with a division of Amazon.com. In 2009, after a number of requests by authors, both new, and established, Stan decided to offer services to others which could expand their horizons. Stan and his wife, Rhonda, live in Tennessee, USA.

Stan has also been an officer with the Scottish Clan Sinclair, USA, since 2002, and a regular writer in its official publication, Yours Aye. He is the co-founder of St. Clair Research, and its worldwide DNA Project.

Michele Doucette
Michele holds a Master’s Degree in Literacy Education from Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, NS). A native of Truro, NS, she has been living on the west coast of Newfoundland since 1985 where she is employed as a Special Education teacher. In addition, she is a webmaster, author, and amateur genealogist. A member of WANL (Writer's Association of Newfoundland and Labrador), her skills as a proofreader have been invaluable to St.Clair Publications. She is equally talented as a caring and dedicated author of philosophy books. A debut novelist, with A Time Travel to Grand Pré, featured on this site, we are excited about both her work with us, and her new book release.

Visit Michele's Website, Portals of Spirit.

Rhonda St.Clair
Wife and partner of Stan, was formerly a proofreader with the Southern Standard Newspaper, and is both a cautious proofreader, and conscientious business person, very knowledgeable in usage, spelling, and punctuation. A graduate of Georgia Career Academy, she is the previous owner of two business establishments. She has proven skills in dealing with people and critical issues. Rhonda helps in all needed aspects of the business.

Katrina Watson
Educated at Owens Community College in Toledo Ohio, where she continues to take valuable computer update training; at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee; and at special classes in Washington, DC. Katrina’s was the webmaster of St.Clair Publications at its inception, and previously for Stan's other business, American Benefit Services, an interstate insurance marketing agency in the US. Katrina currently serves as a consultant.

Kent Hesselbein
Kent is the owner of Kent Grey-Hesselbein Design Studio, a graphic design and consulting firm in Manchester, Tennessee. In the late 1980’s he entered as an apprentice into the printing industry and was fortunate enough to learn the trade “in the old ways”. Kent is one of the few designers his age trained in the long forgotten art of lead typesetting and letter pressing. He returned to college in 1989 and received his degree in the Elements of Design, graduating with honors. Kent was named an Honor Scholar of the International Honors Institute in 1991 at The College of the Holy Cross in Worchester, Massachusetts. He was published in Who’s Who of American College Students and was an Academic All American and Goldwater Scholarship nominee. He also holds a Master's Degree in Esoteric Sciences, and is currently working toward his Doctorate.

Kent’s designs have been published internationally and in many trade publications. His work includes design for advertising, publication, the music industry and point of purchase display art. Kent has developed concepts for Gibson Guitar Company, Perfetti Van Melle (Mentos/Airheads), Bridgestone, Anheuser-Busch, Thomas Nelson Publishing, Word Entertainment and contributed to many other national and international projects.

On April 14, 2012, Kent assumed the position of Vice President of Digital Distribution for St.Clair Publications. Kent Grey-Hesselbein Design Studio is the Webmaster of this site. Visit KGH Design Studios Online.

St.Clair Publications will be cautious to give the best possible concern and care of every book accepted from you, our valued authors. As we journey together on this new horizon of enlargement, reaching out to embrace those who may benefit from our services, we will do everything possible to earn and keep your respect.

Stan St.Clair, and other members of the St.Clair Publications staff, do not necessarily agree with the ideas or content of books showcased on this site which they did not personally write. This is intended to be a place which allows authors from various backgrounds to express their viewpoints. Each author is solely responsible for their own work. Books of an erotic or obscene nature, however, will not be accepted.

Whereas all books have previously been paperback, authors selecting Option A now may choose to publish in hardback (See Marketing). All books are printed on demand.

Email questions or use our online contact form.

Manuscripts are submitted through email after the publishing agreement is signed and emailed or faxed back. Scanned signature is required if electronically submitted.

When you complete your own manuscript, in the selected size for your book, if no editorial work is being ordered, it should be attached to an email as an Adobe PDF. If editorial services, such as proofreading and / or formatting for publication are required, please submit in word doc form for pricing of total requested services.


At times an author wants to hire an editor outside of our group to polish their book when looking to work with a publicist. Amy Lignor is an author and editor who is highly successful and willing to work with authors to prepare their work for a publicist. Amy is not a member of the St. Clair Publications staff, and charges separate fees. Therefore employing her would be entirely a mater of choice, and not contractual or binding upon a contract with St. Clair Publications, and Stan St. Clair and the Associates of St. Clair Publications will in no way be responsible for any issues arising from such contract with Amy or her agency.

For more information about this service visit, The Write Companion.

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